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New Beer Carlsberg 00

Client: CarlsbergLocation: Holland

Category of Work: advertising photography, photo&video production, advertising spot

The beer brand wants to launch their new non-alcoholic product. They wanted to show a very Scandinavian image. In which you see a group of people who enter into their target, enjoying the product without worries.

The client was in the Netherlands. The advertising agency in Germany and us in Spain. All the production had to be coordinated with the client´s product as if it had been done in Holland but being done in Barcelona.

A casting was done looking for profiles that fit the "Scandinavian traits", a location that would fit the Scandinavian design and a style suitable for the Scandinavian countries. After all the preparation and receiving a pallet of beers from the customer who sent us from Holland, since they were not yet on the market. All production was done. Both photo and video and post-production, delivering the material already prepared to the client to use in their campaign and social networks.

The client could not have been happier and the results of the campaign proved how well the job turned out.

Photography: Pablo Nordea Production: picOn Studio Director of Photography: Pablo Nordea Casting: picOn Studio Styling: Laura Morales Hair & Make-Up: Marta Perez Colorist: Arman Calvo Post Production: picOn Studio