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Training With Nutrisport

Client: NutriSportLocation: Barcelona, Spain

Category of Work: sports photography, advertising spot, photo&video production, social content

The marketing department of the sports nutrition supplements brand NutriSport wanted to create their own photography and video content for their advertising and stop using generic images. So they asked us to make a production. It was hoped that after the results, the company's board of directors could be shown the importance and value of generating own-brand content.

All the pre-production, production and post-production had to be done in a few days and with a very tight budget.

The casting, location search and other elements of the production were organized. We try to make everything as simple as possible so as not to exceed the budget. The entire production could be done in just half a day. Starting the same day with the post-production of the images. In just 48 hours later we were already delivering the content to the client.

After the success of the advertising campaign and own social content. NutriSport radically changed its marketing strategy. Investing much more in generating their own content and strengthening the brand identity in their advertising campaigns and social content.

Photography: Pablo Nordea Director: Pablo Nordea Production: picOn Studio Styling: Laura Morales Casting: picOn Studio Hair & Make-Up: Marta Perez Colorist: Arman Calvo Post Production: picOn Studio